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Empowering Your Success Through Strategic Communication and B2B Partnership

Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to GIS Consult, where good ideas meet business transformation. Established in 2013, GIS Consult is a dynamic and forward-thinking communications agency that seamlessly blends traditional public relations with cutting-edge new media strategies. Rooted in the vibrant Turkish marketplace, we have evolved to become not just a PR agency but a trusted B2B partner.

A Local Office and Regional Hub

Our superpower lies in acting as your local office and regional hub. We bring together all required partners and third parties, managing them as if we were an extension of your team. This approach streamlines your operations, ensuring that you can manage all your activities in one hand, right here at GIS Consult.

Join us on a transformative journey where communication is the catalyst for business success, and innovation is our guiding star. Experience the power of strategic communication and B2B partnership excellence with GIS Consult.

Our Founding Vision

At  GIS Consult, our co-founders bring a wealth of experience garnered over 20 years in the realms of PR, marketing, and journalism. Each member of our leadership team contributes a unique skillset and a critical perspective, ensuring that every creative campaign we craft is a masterpiece in strategic communication.

Empowering Business Growth in Diverse Sectors

Our mission is clear: we exist to empower your business. We've expanded our expertise to include the thriving tourism sector, alongside our stronghold in technology, finance, and retail. We understand the intricacies of these industries and provide strategic support that goes beyond PR, positioning us as your B2B partner in success.


Creating measurable results

At GIS Consult, we measure success not just in numbers but in reputation. Our objective is always to create measurable and tangible results for our clients, enhancing their brand reputation beyond calculations. We bring your vision to life through innovative communication strategies that leave a lasting impact.


Our Clients

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