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“In a downturn, aggressive PR and communications strategy is key.””- Doug Leone

Let our clients tell about us


"When we started work with the team at GIS Consult we expected 100% but we got 200%! Their professionalism, agility, media relations and market expertise far exceeded our expectations. We were able to cover a wide range of industry-related PR topics linked to our digital marketing tools and this was complemented by their deep understanding of e-commerce and FinTech. They are a naturally proactive team and offer excellent value and results.

Adam Zeidan 

International PR Specialist , SEMRush

"If your case is only about “any press coverage” GIS is not the place to go. But if your brand has more comprehensive questions like “how shall we act to reach the target audience, what shall we prepared to overcome challenges, how can we merge business and communications” than GIS Consult is the right address… They don’t like to become strangers;  they like to engage and they share the workload, they own your brands’ matters like they are working in the next room. .

Gürkan Uğraş General Manager 

"GIS Consult has been the right partner of Inveon by combining the know-how of years of experience and the agility of a startup. We consider them as a part of our team not only in communications, but we also receive consultancy in event management, critical marketing decisions and brand approach." 

Yomi Kastro
Inveon & Inventures Co-Founder 


"If someone asked me to write a motto for GIS, I would say “Be in peace while we handle!” Working with GIS Consult who has great experience in the economy and business is a great experience for us in Erste Securities İstanbul. They have a strong, reliable network and are very creative in terms of generating news. They have guided us in terms of media relations, corporate communications and brand consultancy. They have also managed our international relations with our main stakeholder in a perfect manner and worked well within our distinct guidelines."

Simin Öz Gerard
Erste Securities İstanbul  Counrty Manager 

" The GIS team is creative, strategic and passionate - and a pleasure to work with. They have strong relationships and deliver great results."

Naz Özertuğrul 
Atomico Turkey Lead 


“We had the chance to work with a team who understands the new media order, knows how to benefit from the power of digital and follows the trends closely. GIS Consult supported us not only for media relations but in every aspect of communication. Their creative team with strong media relations was great support for us while building our messages and reaching to our audience.”



Ahmet Kırtok 

ListeList Founder

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