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Sailing through Bosphorus with your disruptive venture

Because of its geographical location, narrowness, strong currents, sharp bends, uncertain weather conditions; The Bosporus is an exciting yet dangerous journey for hundreds of maritime traffic activity each day, transporting people and carrying hazardous cargo passed every day. For this reason, as per legislations; every foreigner vessel which will transit The Bosporus needs to be accompanied by a pilotage service, a guide ship, to pass along.

The very same applies with the stirring online market of Turkey. With its large and young population, fast adoption to new technologies and emerging economy, Turkey is one of the fastest growing markets of e-commerce and mobile applications globally. There are more than 35 million internet users – around 13 million are mobile. They are shopping, playing, getting the latest news and socializing each day even more! This dynamic market allures many investors and entrepreneurs globally.

On the other hand the unique nature of Turkish market stemming from its geographical location, cosmopolite structure, different and constantly changing regulations and language makes it challenging to conquer. To prevent from stranding while they are carrying their precious cargo – their venture- through the unknown waters of Anatolia, every entrepreneur needs a local partner to provide pilotage services.

Questions will arise: How exciting is your disruptive venture for the investors in any local market? Is your application is an answer for a non - existing need for the market? Do you know your local competition- a local player might be extremely powerful and already closed the market? How your brand sounds in the local language?

Google is usually a good resource for most of our questions. But if you want to deep dive in a new country you need a local partner with a profound market knowledge to keep you away from possible pitfalls like.

  • The local consumer behaviour

  • Economic & financial landscape

  • Local language

  • Local media

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