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Brands Discovered "Emoji Marketing"

Brands that discovers the new technologies and shortcuts to reach the new generations, and have started the era of “emoji marketing”.

Reaching out for the glowing Y Generation has always been the dream of brands...The appetite for digital communications has risen and brands are now aware that they need to transform and be even more agile. The marketing gurus are now not only trying to reach out to Y Generation- the oldest is in mid30’s- but also ask for more to reach out for the future: Z Generation, the Digital Natives, that are born into the technology and digital communication. Marketing experts have already diverted their attention to those only communicate via texts and uses emojis as their alphabet and introduced “emoji marketing.”

We haven’t seen a such successful campaign in Turkey, yet, but global brands are racing each other to roll out more interesting ones appealing to the Z Generation. Emoji becomes the first stop for those brands that are mobile-savvy and that are inclined to show how closely they follow the the recent trends. Emojis are the new emotions that are much easier to express the feelings and are different from smileys and are created by Unicode Consortium and they have rolled out 2834 new emojis last year.

2 billions of smartphones trigger the trend

Soaring number of smartphones is seen as the initial reason behind the raising trend of emoji marketing. According to eMarketer’s research, there are 2 billions of smartphones and mobile messaging is still growing with fast pace. In this ‘nosiy’ environment, essage bombardment makes it hard to focus on any subject for consumers, therefore brands are willing to establihed emotional, real and short connection with their target audience. It’s true that we are spending much more time with our mobile devices to communication and reach out for the information around more often but at the same time we are impatient. E-mails and voice messages are too long and waiting for the replies takes ages. That’s why direct, simple, short ways of delivering the message is becoming more popular.

Generation gap gets wider

It seems like using emojis to communicate rather than “overcoming the words with silence” is embedded into the future of communication that wakes up to a new trend everyday. In addition, the fact that emojis do not have language barriers, captivates global brands. A simple smiling emoji means the same all around the world. All over the world, today, there are thousands of emojis exist and they mean the same thing; this makes brands even more attracted to this new language. The doors between generations and borders are now wide open by the emojis.

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