“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. “ – Warren Buffet


Gülfem Varlık 

Her answer for the typical question of the childhood ‘What will you be when you grow up?’ was always the same: Journalist… She worked hard and become one. She started her journalism career in in the year of 2000 at Dünya Newspaper, business daily of Turkey and transferred to another business daily Referans.  After 9 years in the media field, she decided to take a gap year and lived in London, and she has developed projects for some NGOs. After she got back, she has worked for 4 years in local/international PR agencies as a Media Director.  When the bells rang for the change, she immediately positioned among the founders of GIS Consult. Gülfem, who is eager follow Turkey and world’s agenda very careful, enjoys bringing practical solutions to complicated problems.  When Gülfem doesn’t multitask, she feels hollow. She counts, writes, reads, edits, loves wandering and exploring in the glorious corridors of grammar. As well as contributing to GIS Consult’s endless content creation process, she also focuses on how to maintain better media relations in all levels.  Gülfem, unstoppable environment activist,   believes the importance of corporates’ contributions into society and loves developing tailor made social responsibility projects. Gülfem believes that traditional media will carry its important role for PR but never stop wondering what will come next and preparing for the future.


Itır Özdiker 

After a lively childhood spent in the capital of ‘kebap’ of Turkey, Adana, Itır’s path lay in İstanbul where she studied Political Administration in Marmara University. After she graduated, she has worked as executive and coordinator in global companies like Acer, HP and decoded the secrets of marketing communications. During this period, she has also received her MBA degree and made technology communications her area of expertise. Itır’s questioning of human behavior, systems, and corporate governance has never ended. She loves figures, graphs. She translates, organizes, researches, and asks the right question to reach out the perfect solutions for complicated problems. She believed creativity can combine with corporateness and established GIS Consult.  As well as focusing on finance management and business development in the company,  she also pays high attention to corporate identity.